Can’t Beat Love is pleased to offer several of the winning films as tools for teachers, school counselors and community to help spur discussion among teens. Over the past seven years, Can’t Beat Love has challenged high school students to address bullying, substance abuse and addiction, peer pressure, etc., and, while all the films are remarkable, there are many that stand out for their artistry, messaging, vision, and talent. We have selected a number of films that we believe will be excellent tools to promote discussion across a variety of groups. We encourage educators and counselors to view the short films and then consider some of the associated discussion questions and resource lists to further explore the various messages and themes.

Winning films from previous Can’t Beat Love film contests are being used by Family Violence Prevention Services, Bexar County Probation Department, church/synagogue groups, as well as a variety of youth groups and schools.  We are delighted to be able to offer them to these organizations.

If you would like to view these films on DVD as opposed to streaming them over the Internet, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a DVD for you at a nominal cost.

Topic:  Bullying

Relevant films and discussion questions:


  • When was the cycle broken?
  • Is negative behavior contagious?
  • How do other people’s behavior or mood affect you?
  • Is “pay it forward” effective?

Big Brother

  • Have you ever been bullied by a sibling?
  • Have you ever bullied a sibling?
  • Which is more harmful in your opinion — physical or emotional bullying?

No Excuses

  • How did you feel when you saw the bully push the boy out of the room?
  • Does ambition justify the means?  Is it right to break people down to achieve a group goal?
  • Can you think of institutions that bully?
  • Is there a difference between authority and bullying?

This is Your Life

  • What are the consequences of suicide besides the obvious loss of life?

A Friend in Need

  • How often is racism a basis of bullying
  • How are people who are “different” supposed to cope?


  • Have you ever stepped in to help or been the antidote?
  • If not, why didn’t you?  What are the factors that prevent people from stepping in?


Anti-Bullying Reflection Questions

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Topic:  Substance Abuse and Addiction

Relevant films and discussion questions:

A Tale of Addiction

  • In what way did his mother abandon him?
  • How does addiction impact family members?
  • How would you feel if you were that young man?
  • Why do people use drugs?
  • What was the mother escaping from?
  • Was the boy’s decision to leave a good one?  Where would be have gone?
  • What could people at school have done?
  • Where could he have gone for help?

One Time

  • What’s the connection if any between experimenting with drugs and failing to graduate?
  • Why was she afraid to stand up to her boyfriend?
  • What was the worst lie her boyfriend told her?
  • Were there worse things that could have happened?
  • Should the school have intervened sooner?
  • What more could her father have done?
  • Was her boyfriend truly her friend?

Desolate Heights

  • Who is responsible for what is happening to the young man?
  • What is it about crack that causes this behavior?
  • Do you understand the title?
  • What are signs someone is using drugs?
  • What kind of intervention is available without lots of money (e.g., to go to rehab)?
  • Is there a safe place to go to get help?

One Night

  • What’s wrong with taking prescription drugs?  They’re not illegal.
  • What’s wrong with mixing drugs and alcohol?
  • How does it impact your family?
  • How might this situation have been prevented?
  • What would have happened had he stood up to his friends?


  • What do you think happened?
  • What are the effects of substances on your mind and emotions?
  • How might have the parents handled the situation better?
  • How do drugs affect the teenage body vs. an adult’s body?
  • What kind of situations can tempt you to turn to alcohol?

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

  • How do you live with the consequences?
  • How does peer pressure affect decision making?
  • Do you think about consequences?
  • Could this happen to you?
  • What other choices did he have besides getting behind the wheel?
  • How would you stop your parent from getting behind the wheel?